LETTER: The cost of some MPs

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AS well as a weekly wage of almost £2,000 per week, along with expenses, office costs, subsidised food and drink in Westminster, cash paid for subsistence in London, along with their free computer systems, televisions, tablets, and so on, plus a monthly food allowance for their constituency homes, it has been revealed that 167 of our cost-conscious MPs cost taxpayers more than £3.76m last year by hiring members of their own families.

This is an increase of 50 per cent since the last election.

When our MPs get an 11 per cent increase after the next election, will that apply to staff also?

When an MP is effectively sacked, by being voted out by his constituents, and receives a five figure “re-settlement” allowance and costs to close down his office, plus a gold-plated pension, does he or she get to keep all of the taxpayer-funded electrical equipment they were provided with?

And do employed family members receive a similar redundancy package?

Is it any wonder that some MPs will say anything and promise the world to hang on to their seats?

This takes “gravy train” to a whole new level.

Ian Holliday,

Heronspool Close,