LETTER: The Euro keeps the EU poor

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AS Mr Cameron goes to Brussels to attempt a rehash of our immigration fiasco, hopefully he will inform the cabal that sits in the free-loading establishment that no country can continue to sustain unlimited immigration.

Perpetual bombardment of our infra-structure by the continual flow of immigrants, and to support their health and welfare, does have an effect on our economy and the British public’s welfare.

Mr Cameron’s mission is doomed from the start.

The poorer representatives of countries will certainly knock back any attempt at a reform of the treaty.

He will have achieved a busted flush in his attempt.

The iron fist of the euro keeps the EU impoverished.

It also affects our economy.

France and other countries are recoiling under the regulated routine of the euro restrictive strength or failure.

Britain will start the exodus from Europe and we will regain our sovereign status.

We will also welcome those immigrants who are willing to work and share their expertise, if that is acceptable to the country and the immigrants’ needs.

Fred Gibbon,

Masefield Road,