LETTER: Time to bring Blair to book

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Isn’t it about time that Tony Blair was publicly castigated over what I consider to be his disastrous premiership and erroneous decision-making while in office?

It has, in my opinion, practically ruined England and its way of life.

Together, Gordon Brown and Tony Blair brought this country to its knees.

No admonishments, public criticism nor voices raised in disgust.

Great Britain, as was, was an industrial power-house in the world.

Organised,disciplined and prosperous.

Considering that a much larger country tried to invade us twice without success, it indicates the resourcefulness and resolution of the English people.

Today we are not in the same league

Successive governments have not helped, with their weak management and lack of strong leadership.

One has to be of a certain age to remember the civilised bygone days.

Regrettably they are long gone, never to return.

J W Bearby,

Tarnston Road,


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I saw your appeal for more information about the “Japanese fancy dress” event picture (Mail, July 2).

It was not Japanese fancy dress, it was actually a production of The Mikado, given by Westbourne Junior Choir at Westbourne Church, in Stockton Road, Hartlepool, in the 1950s.

The names from the picture you published are as follows: Top (left to right): myself, Letty Caterson, Olwyn Delafield, Audrey Hewling, Arlene Gibson, Joan Woore and Dorothy Borthwick. Middle: Muriel Weed. Bottom row: Lesley Sewell, Nora Holdforth and Winnie Hester.

Margaret Watson (nee Kaiser),