LETTER: Trust wasted thousands on hospital plans


AT long last, the truth has come out over the wonderful hospital to be built at Wynyard, the money that never was and the money from the Government that never will be.

The trust has wasted hundreds of thousands of pounds on plans and negotiations for a hospital people do not want.

If our hospital in Hartlepool is not reinstated in the near future, I feel we should take our case to the ombudsman.

Not a brick laid on the proposed new hospital site, nothing was settled, yet our hospital land at Hartlepool has outline planning for houses to be built.

Then we have £230,000 wasted on new offices, using hospital wards.

Next, we are told that the lease on One Life Hartlepool, a £20m investment built on leasehold land, runs out this month.

As a result, the trust is gong to get the lease extended by two years, extending the lease to October, 2016.

This is ridiculous, when you build on leasehold land you need preferably 100 years on the lease.

This is not the trust’s money to fritter away, it belongs to the public.

Finally, all the hospital services, transferred from the University Hospital of Hartlepool, should be returned to Holdforth Road – where the nursery should be retained.

Enough said – action is needed.

Mr O Landreth,

Sheriff Street,