LETTER: We are broke and NHS is in debt

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I CAN understand Billingham residents wanting a hospital at Wynyard.

But how would they feel if they had to travel to Hartlepool?

A recent survey states too many vulnerable people live in places too far from relatives.

I use the word ‘live’ euphemistically.

Similarly with hospital patients who need to live close to relatives, otherwise visits will decrease.

Also the more distant hospitals are the further journeys we take will mean increasing energy use, increased pollution and traffic on already busy roads.

I would suggest that essential, common ailments should be treated in infirmaries at Stockton and Hartlepool.

Wards with long stay patients should be in town too.

Wynyard could house the specialist services for our area with short stay beds.

I’d also like to see the use of more multi-storey car parks.

I suppose parking under buildings is too futuristic.

Again we have the double talk.

We are broke and the NHS is in terrible debt.

Yet shed loads of our debt can be spent on facilities that will cause lots of problems for the majority.

C Davison,

Cheviot Crescent,