LETTER: We need action, not words

Prime Minister David Cameron
Prime Minister David Cameron

WHY is it that an old age pensioner, still with all his marbles intact, can see all too clearly the huge hole this country is sliding into and getting deeper with no means of climbing out?

Our problems are paramount, our governing elite seemingly useless or unable to grasp the nettle in putting forward workable solutions to obviate our difficulties.

Over the years, there have been plenty of sound suggestions, workable intelligent ones by notable writers, columnists, business industrialists and members of Parliament in differing affiliations.

But not a glimmer of action by this government. Why? David Cameron is an impressive speech maker, he has a flair for putting it over, but we need more action than platitudes.

In my mind’s eye, the future of this once great, civilised and beautiful country is frightening, over-run by foreign people who have a different cultural outlook, varying religions, their mode of life incompatible to our English ways and beliefs and they are expected to adopt our language, our traditions and lifestyle.

The results in many cases, disharmony, disillusionment, and in many areas friction and anger. Common sense could prophesy the outcome.

Eventually, we shall have to leave the European Union, simply because of the overwhelming demands of the British people, by which time most of our problems could have been avoided.

Past and present governments have made a horses backside of ruling our country back to prosperity, most of which could have been avoided with intelligence and forward thinking.

I wonder what Lord Sugar would have made of our present Parliamentary members under his surveillance?

J.W. Bearby,