LETTER: We need better flood defences

THE Headland deserves a fit-for-purpose flood defence.

I would suggest that designs and plans passed recently by the planning committee for the Town Wall must have been drawn up by King Canute.

Residents provided to Hartlepool Borough Council officers exact locations where threats of flooding come from, for the lower Headland.

None was at the Town Wall.

In December 2013, surge sea water over-topped two feet deep at every location we mentioned.

The dock walls, the Deep Water Berth, cranes, rutile sand, cable, the construction sheds, and cool stores flooded.

The Fish Quay walls and into Southgate at 200 yards up.

I don’t think sandbags were put out.

Water cascaded down the quay sides and cut off the Headland entrance.

Now the council, designers, experts and, what I consider to be expensive consultants, again put forward and pass a two-foot high secondary wall.

It will increase the flood risk and funnel trapped water to its open ends.

They’ve rebuilt the groynes too short and there’s a gap at the Town Wall.

Another winter watching the beach levels wash around the gaps from the Fish Sands end, towards and over-topping the last groyne, and lost into the channel forever.

Look at these photos.

The water is nearly over-topping the dock walls around the location of the new Hartlepool Vision site.

This isn’t the December 2013 storm surge, but the 5.9m spring tides of February 21, 2015.

Do council officers read the Hartlepool Mail?

If so, can they explain how a three-feet high wall, six feet from the Town Wall, is the answer to the flooding risk to the lower Headland and, how it will stop the water over-topping the quay sides?

The Town Wall needs protecting seaward side, to remove wave damage, erosion, and threat from total failure of the wall, beach replenishing and groynes built to original plans.

The dock walls height needs to be increased, removing all over-topping and flooding threats.

Then we really will have sound protection for the Headland from the sea.

Stan Rennie,

Town Wall,