LETTER: We want nurses not art


RECENT reports show that more than 1,000 patients a day are taking up beds in NHS hospitals because nobody is available to look after them at home.

The solution to the NHS crisis is more than just throwing money at the problem.

It is about careful management, and spending money wisely.

In recent years the NHS has spent millions on art.

Local hospitals employ huge amounts of back-end staff in non-medical functions, many doing what has been referred to as “non jobs”.

While cutting services and medical staff, NHS hospitals have hired huge numbers of spin doctors, an EU office director and an arts in the hospital co-ordinator.

The NHS is currently advertising a senior media manager position for which it is offering an annual salary of £53,367 – enough to hire two nurses for the year.

The NHS needs to be refocused upon patient care.

Is it acceptable for the NHS to lay off medical staff, shut A&Es and cut down key services, but spend millions on art, and hire legions of PR staff that do nothing to deliver frontline patient care?

I don’t think so.

Is it okay that the health services in Hartlepool has been decimated while in other areas of the country hospitals spend huge sums on pretty pictures and spin doctors?

No, it is not.

Jonathan Arnott, MEP,

UK Independence Party, North- East region,

Elwick Road,