LETTER: ‘We want this hospital’

AS much as I sympathise with and admire the people of Hartlepool for fighting for the University Hospital of Hartlepool, I do not agree with the suggestion that the proposed hospital at Wynyard is the hospital that no-one wants.

You will find that the people of Billingham,Wolviston, Wynyard, Sedgefield, Fishburn, the Trimdons, Greatham, and other places, want this new state-of-the-art hospital.

Hartlepool’s hospital and the University Hospital of North Tees have been very good hospitals, but are outdated.

They should be replaced by a modern, up-to-date one like James Cook University Hospital, which has every facility that is required.

The people north of the river deserve and need this new hospital.

If a Labour Government is elected let’s hope it keeps its promise that the new hospital will be built.

G Anderson,

Wallington Road,