LETTER: Welcome news on nuclear

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I WELCOME the news that Hartlepool nuclear power station has been declared safe.

Not only is this great news from a public safety stand point, but it is important for the local economy.

This should help to secure the long-term future of the power station and the hundreds of high-quality jobs which it provides.

We need to rebuild our power production base in this country.

I would like to see us diversify our sources of power by increasing the use of efficient renewables (once they are in a position to provide value for money on your bill), and producing clean coal with carbon capture and storage ourselves, rather than importing millions of tons of coal from abroad.

Shale gas and nuclear offer short- and medium-term options.

But however we develop our energy, if it’s done cost-effectively, and we become more self-sufficient, then, unlike the wind turbines which benefit only rich landowners, we can create jobs in the energy industry without higher prices which hurt our manufacturing industry and cost jobs.

Jonathan Arnott, MEP,

UKIP, North East Region,

Elwick Road,