LETTER: What would follow Headland housing plan?

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SO Labour Councillor Jim Ainslie, who also leads the Headland Parish Council, is the only planning committee member in favour of turning one of the most tranquil areas of the Headland, namely the lighthouse area and old coastguard station, into private housing.

Is this Jim’s vision for the future of the Headland?

What can we expect next?

An army-themed nightclub in the gun battery, rock concerts and raves in the Headland sports hall, Wingfield Castle tied up to the Irvine’s quay scrapyard as a floating casino?

How about beer gardens in the bowling greens, or even helter skelters erected around the two lighthouses?

You couldn’t make it up.

Ian Holliday,

Heronspool Close,


• Jim Ainslie is an uncontested candidate in the forthcoming Headland Parish Council elections.