LETTER: Withdraw support for Hartlepool’s health trust


HERE is a message directed to “my” Hart ward councillors, Couns Beck, Riddle and Robinson.

I have also recommended to my Save Our Hospital campaigners that they send similar messages to “their “ councillors.

I’m confident that my introduction is unnecessary, but for the record I confirm that I am a resident of Hart Ward, and thereby I would here address you as my elected representatives within Hartlepool Borough Council (HBC).

I would refer to the recent “developments” regarding the proposal to build a hospital in Wynyard, and the impact which those developments pose to our Holdforth Road hospital.

I resist going into the detail of long years of demise which have been deployed against Hartlepool’s only remaining hospital, and thereby against everyone within its natural catchment area, in recognition that all three of you are fully aware and personally concerned by that reality.

I also recognise that none of you (us) were actually councillors when the resolution, to which I will refer, was carried unanimously by HBC.

But, with respect, I consider you as now being party to it by “inheritance”.

I refer, of course, to the current and live resolution which declared a vote of no confidence specifically in the chief executive, the chairman, and the board of the hospital trust.

It is my considered opinion that if that resolution was ever effective it most certainly is not effective now.

Those subject to the resolution are continuing to ignore any consultations, correspondences or public outcry.

Indeed, their chief executive is now on recent public record “reserving the right” to move even more services to Stockton, and proclaiming a point blank refusal to bring back any services to Hartlepool.

I never ever understood how or why HBC continued to “work with” a body to which it had declared “no confidence”.

However, it is clear that an undisclosed degree of co-operation still exists between HBC and the trust.

I here formally ask you to declare what actions you propose in order to address the clear and present increase in threat to heathcare services provision in Hartlepool.

My own/personal/finite proposal would be to withdraw all cooperation with the trust forthwith.

I am confident that if you were to formally move such a resolution it would carry the endorsement of many, many who live within the catchment area of Holdforth Road.

I would be obliged if you would advise me as to whether, or not, you are prepared to move such a proposal at the next full HBC meeting?

Keith Fisher,