LETTER: Words wafting in the wind

Prime Minister David Cameron
Prime Minister David Cameron

THE recent Queen’s speech ended in howls of indignation and exasperation from the Luvvies and liberal fraternity, who hampered reforms on the Human Rights Act while the coalition ruled.

What is just as outrageous, and an injustice to the electorate, after all Mr Cameron’s diatribe on the subject in his previous statements on human rights, right after his re-election to office, his first move was to put this lopsided law on to the back burner to be deliberated at a later date. Typical political, diabolical politics.

Once again this shows that manifesto promises are just words wafting in the wind, to appease the electorate and the Luvvies who support the current one sided act of injustice behaviour, while running for office.

What is another matter of concern to the public is, what action can you expect from the same coterie of supporters of the said Human Rights Act take, if the proposed intention to exclude all immigrants from voting in the would-be referendum on Europe? More screams of indignation and shouts of shame, no doubt.

There are some 1.5 million of immigrants who could, if allowed to vote, make a massive difference to the outcome of the referendum.

Fight the good fight Mr Cameron, show the British people that you honour promises made to them, and it matters not, if you win or lose the case, but it will show you are a man of your word, and more importantly, you are British and honourable, a man of the people, for the people, and worthy of the office of Prime Minister of these great isles.

Frederick Gibbon,

Masefield Road,