Letters of the week: Here's a little of what Hartlepool MP Mike Hill has done since his election

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The Letter of the week featured on 26th August begins by revisiting some of Mike Hill's election pledges such as improvement to local services and employment, both of which he is already striving to achieve.

It then goes on to remind us of the national Labour Party pledge to achieve a national living wage of £10 per hour (omitting projected date of 2020) and regurgitate the recent propaganda relating to abolition of all student debt.

At this point, I think it would be helpful to reiterate that the Labour Party did not win the general election and therefore are not in a position to implement any actual (or alleged) manifesto policies.

With an air of rhetoric, the letter then goes on to question what our MP has actually been doing during his first 62 days in parliament, before making reference to a supposed “closed door meeting” he attended at the Nursery Inn.

While 62 days may sound like a lot to some, it is important to note that many of these days were over recess and during the time that he had to set up his office.

In addition, it is also worth considering that days spent in parliament can be very long and MPs have been held up until at late as 10pm some evenings. However, in spite of this, here is a (by no means exhaustive) list of what our MP has been up to since he was elected:

* Paid visits to Hartlepool Lifeboat Station, Cleveland Fire Brigade, Cleveland Police, Hartlepool Nuclear Power Station, Great North Air Ambulance, Harbour Hartlepool Domestic Violence Refuge, Citizens Advice Bureau, Hartlepool Youth Parliament, Bob Farrow Centre, Hartlepool Pipe mill and Tata Steel;

* Attended local events such as: Headland Gun Battery and Armed Forces Festival, a diversity event held at St Hild's School and the summer reading challenge at Headland Library;

* Appeared on Sunday Politics;

* Wrote to the Minister for Energy & Industry calling for an end to Nuclear Police pensions discrepancy;

* Attended the WASPI debate in Westminster Hall to represent pensioners in Hartlepool;

* Has been present for every vote;

* Held five constituency surgeries (so far) and began door-knocking;

* Spent time with pupils and teachers from Brougham Primary School on a visit to Parliament;

* Met for an interview with a student nurse affected by cuts to NHS bursaries;

* Has been writing a monthly column for the Hartlepool Mail;

Mr Hill was also present at a social event at the Nursery Inn. He was invited to attend by Hartlepool Labour Party members and kindly accepted this invitation. During this event Mr Hill set the honest and open tone that I believe we can continue to expect from our MP, offering an open ended Q & A session, during which he spoke passionately about his hopes for our town and his experiences of parliament so far. This was not a “closed door” event and all party members were welcome.

In-keeping with the spirit of the recent anti-Corbyn, anti-left and anti-unionist surge, the writer then went abruptly on to indulge us with a rather scattered, sensationalist piece on Mr Hill's connections to UNISON in an attempt to forge links between Mr Hill and Mike Whelan using a rather long winded riddle.

They were also kind enough to share some of their opinions relating to Mr Corbyn and his shadow cabinet. While I would love to address these comments, I believe that it is most important to first of all to defend the hard working MP that was elected to represent our town.

I, for one, eagerly look forward to hearing any further concerns about our MPs recent activity in light of the information that I have provided.

Katie Trueman,