LETTERS: Politics borders on the ridiculous

I AGREE with J W Bearby.

As a Celt I believe the land of Lloegr (you call it England) has been terribly over-run and its culture, religion and way of life has been terribly distorted.

I think all French, German, Scandinavian and Roman immigrants should be repatriated and the country resume its Celtic language, Celtic law and Druid religion.

Given the Latin origin of Bearby (she bear), your future does not look good in my land.

Or perhaps we should be glad that this fantastic country has been formed, not of one bloodline, but by the mingling of many over thousands of years.

That is why from Land’s End to John O’Groats and from Holyhead to Great Yarmouth you find different blood groups, features, complexions and colours and “together” we make this country Great.

Our more recent immigrants have added to this.

Without them, many of the services we rely on to keep the country working would not be there.

Grahame Cotterill,