Like having a loaded gun

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In real life episodes on television of police chasing car thieves, the miscreants involved seem to treat the whole exploit as a gung-ho venture.

Drug-fuelled or drunken yobs have little or no regard for people’s property or safety when racing at high speeds in populated areas to escape police capture.

These vehicles are equivalent to a loaded gun used in this fashion.

Therefore, this should attract much harsher penalties as punishment.

Anyone having an illegal lethal weapon in their possession without a licence is subject to a five-year prison sentence.

No excuses, no good citizenship soft options or leniency.

The law is the law, and that includes hobbyist war souvenirs.

Therefore judicial penalties should automatically be immediate car confiscation, driving licence cancelled and a jail sentence.

Perhaps the thought of such a deterrent may focus the mind of any would-be tearaways.

It has to be a foregone conclusion that eventually there will be a horrific mishap, all through these mindless people.

Then, wise after the event, the laws will have to change.

J W Bearby,

Tarnston Road,