Little time left

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Mr Cameron will shortly publish his reforms on the EU Treaty.

But, no matter what those amendments may be, Brussels will back-heel them.

Mr Cameron, who firmly believes in the EU, will face humiliation and lose face with the British public.

Probably his approach to Britain’s requests for change were not made strong enough for the coterie that rules in Brussels.

Mr Cameron’s approach to the top brass in the EU would have to be adamant if his would-be reforms were to succeed.

He would have us remain in the EU no matter what the cost to the British public.

Recent monetary facts have proved that the EU is a failed experiment.

Like the old USSR which crumbled into oblivion after about 70 years, time is running out for the EU.

Mr Cameron will return from Brussels with his begging bowl empty.

Then the high echelons of the Tory party, along with the back-benchers, will be baying for his blood.

His prediction of not serving three terms as Prime Minister will come to fruition, as he fades into obscurity.

Fred Gibbon,

Masefield Road,