Little we can do

BILL Burchell (Mail, April 8) replied to my suggestion that he should tell us how we can reduce EU immigration to this country.

I assumed he would take into account current UK legislation but instead he provided a wish-list of unrealistic immigration controls which would certainly be effective if they were implemented.

However, our membership of the EU prevents his suggestions from being put into effect.

There is certainly a problem with the high number of EU immigrants who are coming to this country.

David Cameron intends to seek to renegotiate the terms of our EU membership, including tighter immigration controls, before holding a referendum on our continuing membership in 2017, providing he is still the Prime Minister at that time.

There is no possibility that the EU will agree to Bill’s list of restrictions on potential immigrants and, in my view, the only way we could clamp down on EU immigration would be for us to leave the EU and become a completely independent country.

There will be a lot of hard thinking and detailed discussion before the question of our EU membership is put to the people in a referendum.

In the meantime there is little we can do to reduce immigration from the EU.

Jim Allan,