Local ‘celebrities’

I WRITE to congratulate the Mail on the article featuring John Darwin (pictured) coming out of the Staincliffe – a whole page of words and pictures celebrating the emergence of a bloke from a pub.

At last the Mail wakes up to celeb world where millions of readers are agog to learn what vaguely remembered nonentities might be doing with their drab lives.

As your article makes clear, our felonious ex-canoeist has done nothing newsworthy for some time now other than visit his bar in the Staincliffe.

But readers naturally need the best part of a page to digest this fact.

It was disappointing to learn that, when asked, the Staincliffe had no comment to make on this new non-development in Mr Darwin’s eventful career.

Wake up Staincliffe management. This isn’t good enough.

Readers need to know what type of snack Darwin had just eaten and whether he had spilt any of it down his kayak.

Is this to be part one of a local celeb series featuring minor Poolies coming out of local eateries, having done nothing newsworthy?

Maybe next week a whole page devoted to chirpy Mayor Stuart Drummond coming out of Morrell’s with a pork pie.

The people of Hartlepool need to know about this stuff.

And if you get enough of them you could spin them off into the Mail’s own local equivalent of Hello magazine.

You could call it Hiyah Awreet.

Geoff Croxton,

Lithgo Close,

Seaton Carew.