Look forward

editorial image

When climbing your highest mountain,

And the daylight is failing fast,

Your limbs are aching and muscles tired,

And you’re beginning to think you won’t last.

When your skills don’t seem to be good enough,

And those fingers start losing their grip.

When you can’t see a clear way forward,

And your eyes are sore with the grit.

Don’t look back to where you’ve been,

It’s a place you don’t have to go.

Its good for experience and memories,

But it’s not where your successes will grow.

When doubt and darkness surround you,

And you feel that you can’t go on,

Reach deep down inside yourself,

And tell those imposters “begone.”

Then start your momentum forward.

Make assessments, then decisions with speed.

A clear mind seeing the future problems,

Then providing the solutions they need.

Albert Armstrong,

Percy Street,