Lots of homes stood empty

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House building is in crisis.

People on waiting lists have been waiting for years for a home to live in.

Labour says that it is the Tories who are to blame.

The Tories say no, they are building new council/housing association homes for people.

So are they both being economical with the truth?

Or is there some other reason that houses for rent are not being built?

You can call me cynical.

You can call me ignorant of other matters not known to us out in the wilds of Hartlepool.

But for more than four years now there have been a lot of homes with no-one living in them.

My understanding is that Hartlepool has more than 300, Middlesbrough has 2,500.

If you look across the North-East there are tens of thousands of empty houses.

The north of England as a whole has many more.

These houses, like those in Hartlepool’s Rodney Street, just sit there for years and years.

Someone has to be responsible for this disgrace.

I believe Labour doesn’t want to help the Tories meet their target of homes for the homeless. In my view, they would like to see no houses built.

One reason to ponder. The Tories, as far as I’m concerned, don’t care about the homeless in the North-East.

Another reason to ponder.

The housing associations, which are independent of politics, are, in my opinion, not getting these areas sorted.

A lot to think about while you are in private accommodation, costing taxpayers lots of money, and wondering whether you will ever get that “council house” you long to have for your children.

The way I see it, politicians of all levels are doing nothing.

John Marshall,

St Helen’s Street,