Make a noise

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As an Ambassador for Target Ovarian Cancer, and having seen both my parents diagnosed with cancer, I’m passionate about the importance of shouting about the symptoms of this disease.

This month is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.

I’m asking readers to help us start making noise to spread the word.

Your readers might like to know that they can get involved with Target Ovarian Cancer’s fundraising efforts in loads of ways.

We’re getting friends and family together to “bake some noise” with coffee mornings and afternoon tea.

Or maybe you’d prefer to “dress louder” and impress friends and colleagues at work or school by wearing something shocking.

Whatever you raise, you’ll be helping.

Fifty pounds could help 200 people to learn about the symptoms of ovarian cancer.

And £100 could enable 200 GPs to update their knowledge of ovarian cancer.

Target Ovarian Cancer is offering readers free balloons, posters and symptoms information to make your fundraising a success.

Call 0207 923 5474 or visit

Start making noise. Shout about the symptoms. Early diagnosis saves lives.

Gaby Roslin,

Target Ovarian Cancer Ambassador,

Angel Gate,

City Road,