Many questions to ask

MAYOR Drummond’s trip to Vietnam recently to chair a session at an international conference on climate change should have had an independent member of the Hartlepool public along as an observer.

For what reason you may ask.

There are many.

Did Mayor Drummond inform the session he chaired that Hartlepool is not in Tees Valley?

There is no valley. It’s an invention of the policy wonks.

Did he tell them waste management in Hartlepool seems to be to create a mountain of it and claim it to be a landfill, i.e. Seaton Meadows?

Did he tell them we build waste processing plants next to residential estates, i.e. Niromax?

Did he tell them he has chaired a meeting of the polit bureau, sorry cabinet – I’m getting mixed up with the Moscow Kremlin and Victoria Road Kremlin – recently which has changed the climate in Hartlepool?

I’m talking about awarding Hartlepool Borough Council’s chief executive officer a massive pay rise, at the same time paying off workers at the bottom of the pay scale.

I think not.

Still I’m sure he enjoyed himself all the same.

Alan Cook,