Monthly household bin trial madness

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As a Ukip MEP, obviously I look forward to the day we get our country back and are free of the EU shackles.

Having to dance to its tune is just wrong and I am thrilled that we voted to make our own music in last June’s referendum.

Meanwhile, though not everyone is aware quite how many aspects of our life it rules, one that people are conscious of is the impact of its landfill directive demands.

The Government is under pressure to meet the EU’s impossible recycling targets, and councils are under financial pressure from the Government.

I well recall when our household rubbish was collected each week but, after recycling bins came in, most local authorities seized on this as opportunity to introduce alternative week collections.

Now some areas of the country only get their bins emptied every three weeks and, outrageously in my book, trials are now going on with just once a month collections.

That is iniquitous and will lead to fly-tipping and rubbish burning which, ironically, will worsen pollution which the EU’s targets are designed to reduce.

There are public health issues here.

The Government should stand up to the local authorities planning this madness, and ensure we leave the EU fast and set our own targets.

Jonathan Arnott,

Ukip North East MEP,

Elwick Road,