More chance of wine from water

JIM Tighe (Mail, November 1), on losing a local election, coming last with barely three per cent of the vote, suggests optimistically that “time will show that we did the right thing for our country and we will win back the trust of the Hartlepool people”.

Well, good luck with that Jim. Turning water into wine at a local wedding is a more likely trick.

Leaving aside the personal vanity that assumes the coalition’s duplicity on a national scale is the cause of his personal wipe-out locally, perhaps I can help with Jim’s rehabilitation.

Take the Lib Dems’ position on nuclear power, which is so important to our local economy.

Their election manifesto in 2010, supported nationally by Lib Dem Minister of Environment Ed Davey, and locally by Jim Tighe, declared: “We will reject a new generation of nuclear power stations due to safety and environmental risks and the huge tax payers’ subsidies involved, the alternatives are cleaner, safer and greener.”

OK? Clear enough.

But fast forward to October 2012 and the same senior Lib Dem, commenting on the Hitachi nuclear investment deal (that ignored Hartlepool), the very same Ed Davey, enthusiastically intones: “New nuclear isn’t only about keeping the lights on and emissions down, it’s about an industrial strategy with potential wins.”

With changes of heart like that at national level to back Jim Tighe’s local position, it may be some time before he takes his seat on Hartlepool Borough Council.

Meanwhile, water into wine anyone?

Rob Meggs,

Forester Close,