Move the MPs

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The NHS is in crisis, we are told, because of lack of funding.

Well, we could save £4billion straight away by cancelling the work on the Houses of Parliament.

The buildings could then be handed over to English Heritage or the National Trust to run as a visitor attraction – after it has been restored, using lottery funding, to the glorious state it was in when it first opened 170 years ago.

Parliament could meet in Manchester Town Hall instead.

We could also save £32billion by cancelling the HS2 project.

As governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney keeps banging on about quantitative easing (that is, printing money), how about easing the crisis in the NHS while he is about it?

Massive savings could be made in the NHS budget if the licensing authorities would just approve a drug called Ibrogaine.

It’s used in Mexico, Holland and Canada to cure drug addictions.

Tobacco smokers, too, are said to be cured by it, but not alas alcoholics.

Nigel F H Boddy,

Solicitor and former Hartlepool Parliamentary candidate,

Fife Road,