Must have a 24 hour A&E service

WHY don’t they leave the University Hospital of Hartlepool alone (Mail, March 15)? There is nothing wrong with it.

The A&E department is definitely “fit for use”. Why are they giving our fine hospital the death threat again?

Do they realise if they move A&E to Park Road it will have to be open 24/7, including Christmas Day etc? Fully staffed as our fine hospital is at the moment.

They cannot plan when an accident is going to happen and luckily we have not had any major incidents in the town.

We must have a 24 hour A&E service in the town, not a car drive away out of town.

A lot of people that have accidents are aged and cannot drive.

This is getting very serious for our town. What will they close next? I am getting very worried.

Dennis White,

Coningsby Close,