Nation will be in her debt

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When the call came she never faltered,

Though she knew the burden was great.

Was it the thought of Elizabeth I

That gave her determination and faith?

She gave us her life and her freedom,

Her heart, her love and knowledge.

She gave us a kingdom to be proud of,

And a queen of great beauty and courage.

Her rule has been one of commitment,

Her guidance like the touch of a lover.

When she speaks her voice begs attention,

And her commonwealth all come together.

Her years of diplomacy and judgement

Allowed the Commonwealth freedom to think.

She changed minds and views of nations,

Provided bridges to forge their strong links.

The respect that she shows to all others

Is a mark of her dignity and bearing.

And the vow she made to my country

Shows the depth of her love and caring.

Her reign has lasted many great years,

And allowed each and all to prosper.

This nation will always be in her debt,

But it’s a debt we will love and foster.

Albert Armstrong,

Percy Street,