Need rebirth of such spirit

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Looking out of my window tonight I was pleased to see that our national flag has been raised again on top of Eston Hills, looking brilliant as it fluttered in the wind.

I am not alone in welcoming the sight of it flying high and proud above our heads.

I wonder why we have not adopted a more permanent placement for it.

It would also be great to see another slot for the Union Flag alongside it.

Many people who travel past when it is flying, comment on how wonderful it is and wish they had one in their area.

We also should be proud that we have residents who, out of a patriotic desire, take the time and make the effort to place and replace it at their own expense.

Not only that, but they also receive donations from all over the world to defray the cost for replacement flags from a very varied range of sponsors, which is also promoting the area far and wide.

This is the kind of community spirit that we should be supporting and exporting to all parts of our towns.

What we need is a rebirth of that community spirit to inspire everyone at all levels to take an interest in their area and take pride in it.

What better way is there to mark out our area than to have our country’s emblems flying high and mighty on our hills, to be seen by all who pass on a daily basis?

Chris Gallacher, TD VR,


UKIP Redcar,

Normanby Road,