Need to deal with speed

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On August 10 I noticed vehicles driving on Throston Grange Lane, observing the 30mph speed limit.

Then I observed the police mobile camera van.

After a short period, the van left, and a large percentage of vehicles reverted to their normal behaviour of exceeding the speed limit.

This is a very busy road in a built-up area, with children and others crossing the road.

Living nearby, one experiences the speeding vehicles during the day and especially at night.

Apart from the rare siting of the mobile camera van, nothing is done by the local authority or the police to minimise the speeding vehicles.

The three “pinch points” have been a waste of time.

Many drivers do not observe the signage, speeding up to get through, unwilling to wait a few seconds.

A couple of weeks ago there was an accident at the entrance to the nursery, with a road sign snapped and a tree half felled. One wonders what it will take for the authorities to do something to deal with the problem of speeding vehicles.

Throston Grange Lane is a heavily populated area.

Consideration needs to be given to householders who are subject to this problem.

Name and address supplied.