No benefit to me

THE recent news from both Sky TV and the Hartlepool Mail proves the old saying “It’s very easy to spend someone else’s money”.

We were given the great news (Mail, September 10) that Hartlepool Borough Council has decided to pay the bedroom tax for a number of people who can’t afford it.

Whoopee! How kind of it.

If any money is brought into council coffers, either by the way of grants or community tax, then, as a government taxpayer and community taxpayer, I would have thought that those funds were for the benefit of all of the town’s residents, not just a select few.

What is going to happen in 12 weeks’ time when this funding runs out, especially at Christmas time?

Should we expect the council to miraculously find another £300,000 or so to continue this giveaway?

I do not pay my council or government taxes to have those responsible fritter them away on something that does not give me any benefit at all.

The same goes for this Government which, at the last count, has given £400m to Syria, a country that has caused as much grief, if not more, than Saddam ever did.

What has Syria or any other Middle Eastern country done for us that warrants such expenditure?

Especially when this Government is clawing back every penny it can from anyone who has any.

We are a small country.

The days of the British Empire are long gone.

We are not able to dictate what countries should be or should not be doing and definitely not financing them.

We are part of NATO, not whatever the Middle Eastern countries belong to.

Leave them alone and let them take care of the situation within that organisation.

T Wilson,

Macaulay Road,