No courageous act of bravery

THERE are two vital points to my letter.

The first is aid to foreign countries.

This posh, affluent Government cabinet body still ignores public opinion, slapping taxpayers with a bill for a proposed handout of £12bn in aid to countries that do not need assistance.

Public hardships in Britain today fly in the face of those in poverty while Government doles out billions to countries like India, whose economy is stronger than Britain’s.

Narcissism among those who rule defies the poverty in the towns and cities throughout Britain by ignoring the needs of the poor in our society.

My other point is has Britain now reached a moronic proportion of idiocy in the judiciary?

A judge freed a burglar in front of him.

In his opinion it was a courageous act of bravery and he told the felon he thought so.

We had been given a boon when, in a re-shuffle of ministers, the then Justice Secretary Ken Clarke was given the chop and given the position of Minister without Portfolio (an errand boy’s job).

Mr Cameron then got in on the act by saying the crime of burglary was a cowardly and hateful act.

An investigation is to be held.

Perhaps it would be better to investigate the dinosaurs who sit on benches throughout our green and pleasant land as they nonchalantly dish out lenient sentences to the criminals who appear before them.

Fred Gibbon,

Masefield Road,