No friend of working man

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I recently read a full page advert by the “In” campaign purporting the view that the EU was not to blame for the closure of the SSI plant and the resulting jobs and devastation to the people of Teesside.

What fantasy land do they live on?

Whoever supports it is no friend of the working man in this area.

Of course they are to blame.

Not totally, but they and their policies have contributed in a very large part to the demise of steel-making on Teesside.

They have protected German, French, Italian and Dutch steel production at the cost of our industry and jobs.

For decades they have bent over backwards in support of this strategic industry, as they did with ship-building before.

Their carbon taxes, our subordinate acceptance of green levies with expensive energy costs that made our steel uncompetitive – which added to the Chinese dumping – which was allowed to happen, killed our chances of saving this industry.

Britain having a steel industry does not fit into the EU industrial plan, and Cameron and his minions, in my view, are happy to see it go.

I sadly expect the Port Talbot deal to fail just after the next set of elections.

Where was our state aid?

Chris Gallacher, TD VR,


Ukip Redcar,

Normanby Road,