Not a roundabout

AFTER several near misses and countless instances of unwarranted abuse I felt I had to write with regards to the mini roundabout at the junction of Dunston Road and Burnston Road.

Almost every day as I approach the roundabout from Burnston Close I encounter vehicles travelling at speed along Dunston Road towards Hart Lane, seemingly oblivious to the fact that they are approaching a roundabout and showing no intention of giving way to vehicles leaving Burnston Close.

There have been many occasions when other drivers have pulled right up to my rear bumper as I drive around the roundabout, sounding their horn and making abusive gestures, seemingly indicating that I am an idiot for pulling out in front of them.

On one recent such occasion the other car pulled up alongside me at the Hart Lane traffic lights so I opened my window and reminded the driver that it was a roundabout.

The reply I got, alongside the usual abuse, was that it wasn’t a roundabout, it was a mini roundabout.

If the driver in question would like to check his copy of the Highway Code, rule 188 states “Mini-roundabouts. Approach these in the same way as normal roundabouts.”

For which rule 185 stipulates: “When reaching the roundabout you should give priority to traffic approaching from your right.”

Therefore vehicles travelling along Dunston Road in the direction of Hart Lane are required to give way to traffic on their right, coming out of Burnston Close.

I believe there has been at least one accident at this roundabout in the past and fear more may happen due to drivers not understanding how mini roundabouts work.

Perhaps the powers that be would consider putting speed ramps a short distance away from the roundabout to slow approaching traffic and make drivers aware that this is not an ordinary junction they are approaching.

Name and address supplied.