Not a time for John Wayne!

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As we get blindsided by the ongoing domestic scene surrounding the political events in the UK, I am afraid we are not paying sufficient attention to the escalating events and statements being made by the major powers over Syria.

I refer to the recent comments being made by the former acting director of the CIA.

He made threats to make the Russians “pay costs” for what they are doing in Syria.

I understand that, when asked if this meant killing them, his response was “yes.”

This is a position being supported and underpinned by John Kerry.

He seems to be trying to play a role more applicable to John Wayne (pictured above)than the Secretary of State of one of the world’s super powers.

Of course, this has drawn responsive statements from Russia, stating that the air defence system being manned by Russia will intercept any unidentified aerial object over Syria.

What we have is the result of a vacuum being formed due to the current electoral scene in the USA.

It is allowing these individuals to operate in a maverick and cavalier fashion that risks a massive and hugely dangerous exchange between these two major military capable powers.

We need our Foreign Secretary to grow into his position and reduce the risks, rather than sitting on the sidelines holding Kerry’s coat whilst he spars with Russia’s Sergey Lavrov, before we find ourselves embroiled in what in effect will be the Third World War.

Why also are we not hearing about it?

Major Chris Gallacher,


Normanby Road,