Not worth his while

WASTE re-cycling centre and skip engineer.

Or, as they are more commonly known, the tip and skip rats.

I have no issue with the tip being given a grand new name.

The issue I have is with the skip rats who work there.

Just this week I attempted to deposit some very heavy bags of plaster.

Upon reaching the tip I found that my van was too high to gain entry.

I asked politely if I could be allowed access to the side without height restriction and was told no.

The skip rat told me that I would have to carry the bags (42 of them) to the very back of the tip (about 100m).

I asked the rat if he would give me a hand in depositing the bags in the correct skip.

I was again told no.

I offered the skip rat £10 to help me.

He replied: “It’s not worth my while.”

Surely Hartlepool Borough Council should be more amenable in helping the folk of the town to do the right thing and recycle.

I am now considering recycling nothing.

The local council, whom I pay to remove my rubbish via my exorbitant council tax (which probably goes to their fat pensions), can sort my rubbish out for me however they want.

And finally, whilst on the subject of rubbish, the unwanted junk mail we get on a daily basis from insurance companies, etc, comes from the fact the council sells the electoral roll to unscrupulous companies, who in turn bombard us with junk mail.

In essence, they are being paid by having rubbish put in our letter boxes.

You just can’t make it up. The irony is staggering.

Graham Booth,

Prospective Hartlepool MP for the Common Sense Party,

Kyle Avenue,