Now our problem

I WOULD like to respond to the letter by Ken Rowland (Mail, May 14).

Inspirations Coffee House can be accessed, as Mr Rowland states, from the Tanfield Road Garden Centre’s car park back entrance.

The car park signpost is attached to the cemetery fence, not as you enter Tanfield Road.

However, that’s where his statement ends as far as I am concerned.

Unless you are visiting by car you will use the main entrance through the cemetery gates and enter Inspirations Coffee House through its front access door, as so many people do.

So the coffee house is in the cemetery.

Regarding Mr Rowland’s statement, that Inspirations Coffee House is quite separate from the cemetery.

Yes, it’s had some fencing erected and a new lawn patio area.

However, this is only for cosmetic purposes and does not take away the face that it’s a coffee house that sells alcohol, is able to have music, entertainment and an approved alcohol drinks licence.

I would at this point also state that, with the introduction of double yellow lines at the upper end of Tanfield Road to stop funeral car congestion at the gate, visitors to the coffee house, garden centre and the new build estate all park their cars down both sides of Tanfield Road, giving more congestion to what used to be a quiet road.

Does anybody care?

No, it’s now our problem.

The residents of Tanfield Road have had meetings with Hartlepool Borough Council officials to discuss the above at the coffee house inside the cemetery boundaries.

Probably the only one of its kind in the UK.

Not a good first for Hartlepool.

I would go on to say that Mr Rowland criticises the people who have objected, and still continue to object.

Yet we have never seen him at any of the meetings.

It’s not a case of jumping on the bandwagon.

It’s all about consideration and respect.

The coffee house manager and staff are exemplary, only too pleased to help and attend to your every need.

What happens if, at a later date, the council decides to sell the coffee house on to a new developer.

Yes, it’s a coffee house, and for that we have no objections.

It’s the fact that it’s also a pub under stealth.

Let’s face it, with the Stag and Monkey, the Greenside and Travellers Rest all within walking distance, why do we have to have anything other than an Inspirations Coffee House in the cemetery selling good food, soft drinks and a good selection of coffee?

Colin Marlborough,

Tanfield Road,