Offering food for thought

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Recent figures have shown that sales of nut-based milks – especially almond milk– are on the rise, both here and in the US.

This is part of a growing movement away from animal products towards healthy, delicious plant-based foods.

And it’s no wonder, given all the benefits associated with the vegan diet.

As well as suffering lower rates of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and certain types of cancer, vegans also have a much smaller carbon footprint than meat-eaters and vegetarians.

And with meat- and dairy-free alternatives to almost all of our favourite treats available in supermarkets and high street shops, it has never been easier to go vegan.

For anyone who is interested in adopting this healthy and compassionate way of living, Animal Aid is running the Great Vegan Challenge throughout November, providing people with all the support and information they need to do so.

For further details visit or call 01732 364546 ext 227.

Ben Martin,

Animal Aid,

Bradford Street,