One Life centre a white elephant

YET again we are told by experts that the A&E department should close.

Well if they are as good as they are supposed to be, it’s a pity they were not brought in before the department was unfit for purpose.

The state of the University Hospital of Hartlepool can be laid firmly at the door of the trust.

I think it is about time the 30,000 people who signed the petition made their voices heard and I hope the experts can instruct the trust in how to get very ill patients to the University Hospital of North Tees within the golden hour due to bad weather.

A little snow brings this country to a stop or volume of traffic blocking roads or whatever the reason.

I wonder what the experts would have said if the £20m that was spent on the white elephant One Life centre had been spent on our hospital.

We might have been able to attract senior doctors – their words not mine.

They keep quoting the Pathways to Heathcare programme, which I thought was bringing health care closer to where people live.

I can assure the trust that North Tees is not closer than Hartlepool’s hospital. They must know of a shorter route than me.

Let’s hope that, in hindsight, they do not regret the way they have conducted themselves.

W Pollard,

Fordyce Road,