Only a little stupid

OK, John Darwin pulled a con trick that, because of his own stupidity, came unstuck.

He and his wife jointly tried the scam and both served their respective terms of imprisonment.

Firstly, their terms of imprisonment were far more severe than those some offenders get for much more serious crimes.

Secondly, they took the insurance company to the cleaners.

But hang on a bit. I think every reader will agree that insurance companies are taking us all to the cleaners every day of our lives.

Let’s face it, some of our banks and building societies are committing highway robbery and getting away with it.

The biggest con trick has to be our present Government. But it seems they are beyond prosecution for the robbing they have done and will continue to do so.

Each and every party has its dirty fingers in the pie when it comes to rip-offs. But how many culprits are prosecuted?

Had John Darwin got away with his sting I’m sure there are many folks who would have said good luck to him.

Fortunately there are also many people who think he was only a little stupid rather than a hardened criminal.

Tony Ellison,

Ryehill Gardens,