Other areas more suitable

I AM very concerned that the demonstrators of both groups at the event on November 30 chose to use the War Memorial, a place of dedication and honour to the fallen.

This is not a place for any type of political rally no matter what your beliefs are.

The people whose names are displayed there died so (as two lines engraved upon the memorial say) “that others may live in freedom”.

Depending upon your beliefs this can be taken both ways.

The demonstration against Islam is a struggle that has been happening since the crusades of the Middle Ages and I am sure that ‘freedom’ does not include giving away our country to the EU, Islam or any other nation.

On the other side are the objectors of any type of racism or persecution of the minority, which I can also understand as long as those that are being targeted live under English law and customs, and do not receive any additional assistance or finances that are not given to the English citizen.

If a person from another country wishes to live in England then, as long as they are contributors to this country as untold thousands have been, and live here without trying to change our ways and customs, then I have no problem with that.

But whichever party you belong to, and whatever your beliefs are, I would ask them not to use our War Memorial for such meetings.

We have other areas that are more suitable and which will not cause offence to the many ex-servicemen and women and families of HM forces of not only Hartlepool, but of the whole area.

T Wilson,

Macaulay Road,