Pitch and spiel

ELECTIONEERING candidates for the office of MP campaign for your vote with the promise to uphold your grievances to the best of their ability if and when they attain office.

Pitch and spiel is their method of attack.

If you accept their rhetoric you have to suffer the consequences of broken promises as they neglect to keep vows made in their election campaign.

This deception came to light in a recent vote taken in the Commons, when a motion to curb the ever increasing cost of fuel prices was taken.

Out of the 300-plus MPs there were barely 100 in the House to debate the issue, even though the petition had 100,000 signatures opposing the coming new year’s proposed fuel increases.

Businesses and motorists are forever toiling at their workstations, only to pay for the ever unsustainable rising cost of fuel prices.

The Government has never attempted a solution that would give some form of relief to the road user.

Mr Osborne, the Chancellor, takes the public for granted, that no opposition would be forthcoming from taxpayers at whatever taxation he imposes on them.

Fuel increases hit hard at nearly every aspect of our daily lives and has to stop if we, the public, are to have some form of stability in our day to day existence.

Because a meagre existence is all many of the public are facing in today’s cash-strapped Britain.

What is tragic is that the coalition is considering altering the e-petition from 100,000 to 150,000 signatures in an attempt to block another awkward debate in the future coming from public protests.

I wonder if the public will be fuels, sorry fools, and not realise it’s another attempt to erode their limited democratic rights to protest against a totalitarian coalition-formed Government.

Fred Gibbon,

Masefield Road,