Plan has to have support

IN a couple of weeks’ time councillors will be asked to vote on the transfer of Victoria Park to Hartlepool United FC.

Before you cast that vote just have a think.

It’s not only about that part of it, the vote will decide if the Mill House area is regenerated and tidied up.

Many partners have come forward (colleges, Gus Robinson, Camerons) to say they want to be involved with it.

Do you want to say “no” to that type of investment?

New student accommodation, the leisure centre having money invested into it to smarten it up and take it forward for the next couple of decades at the least.

The Odeon purchased and an eyesore finally taken out of sight.

This is what you’re turning down if you vote against this plan.

But just remember, if you vote “no” you’re saying you want the Odeon to stand in its current state.

You may be voting in a few years to come for the closure of the leisure centre (will Hartlepool Borough Council have the finances to keep it open?).

If it closes down in years to come not one councillor who votes “no” can blame whatever government is in power when you need to make more cuts and the leisure centre has to be closed.

It will be your fault for refusing this opportunity to make sure it’s there in years to come and therefore the services the people of the town use remain here.

Do you want to be part of a council that closes down more services within the town?

If your answer to that is no then you have to vote for this plan for the Mill House area.

If you vote against it then I, for one, will remind you in years to come that you, as a council, signed its death warrant and not any government.

Do you want the colleges to attract more students and therefore bring more money into the town and local businesses?

If yes then you have to vote for this plan.

If not then you may well be putting more people within the town on the unemployment figures.

Do you want that?

Put your party allegiances to one side.

You were elected to serve the town, not a party.

A “yes” vote shows that you’re committed to doing what is best for the town.

It’s your choice so think it over strongly. But you know at the end of the day you have to give this plan your support.

Robert Cross,

Ashgrove Avenue,