Please support meeting

MY sympathies and best wishes go to Callan Redshaw and his family who have been through such a bad time.

Callan was gravely ill when he was given a prescription at One Life Hartlepool – thankfully to be collected from Stockton.

If he’d been able to get to Stockton for that prescription he could well have died because it would have masked his symptoms.

I’m sure whoever was on duty at One Life Hartlepool that day will be devastated by this occurrence.

If Callan had had a knock on his head it would be unforgivable for a nurse not to recognise the danger.

But if, as it seems, it was a medical problem then that is more difficult.

Nevertheless, severe headaches and photophobia are always seen as a serious problem and he should have been admitted to hospital for observation.

One Life Hartlepool is staffed mainly by nurses.

They may be called “practitioners” or “clinicians” but they are nurses.

Doctors study for seven years before they are qualified and even after that they constantly upgrade their knowledge.

Nurses have a different role, which is important but should not include diagnosis.

This is exactly why the opposition to the closure of the A&E department was so sustained and vocal.

We need to make our NHS trust see that the 150,000 residents of Hartlepool and east Durham are not prepared to put up with this pathetic service.

I would point out that there is a full meeting of Hartlepool Borough Council at which NHS trust members will be present.

I ask all of you who supported us in the march to go along to the Civic Centre this Thursday at 6.45pm to ensure that our councillors and trust members are still fully aware of our opposition to the present situation with One Life Hartlepool.

Councillor Edna Wright is presenting a motion asking for a vote of no confidence in our NHS trust and this motion will be debated.

It should be an interesting evening.

Jean Basey,

Tunstall Avenue,