PM’s timid approaches

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Frederick Forsyth, an outspoken political columnist writing in the national press, wrote an explosive article, We’re tied to a bunch of losers.

He certainly doesn’t mince his words.

After reading about Cameron’s pathetic approach to Brussels for renegotiations I would say Forsyth has hit the nail on the head, without question.

He appears to grandstand overmuch, revelling in his position as PM.

But he deflates when dealing with the hierarchy of Brussels and adopts a subservient presence.

He is a weak leader, which is more apparent by his timid approaches and demands to re-assert our national integrity, while the majority of his Cabinet blindly follows his doctrine, too scared to upset the master and his ideals.

Surely this is the time for a massive shake-up before Britain slides inevitably into an irreversible Third World country.

We should be making approaches for a quick exit before any more damage is inflicted on this country and inhabitants.

Should our Prime Minister hope for a further term in office he will have to drastically change his tactics.

J W Bearby,

Tarnston Road,