Poem: Desert watch

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The night breeze is flowing


Over the wadi, stones and sand.

My eyes start searching the shadows,

In my mind we are holding hands.

The scent of the desert surrounds me,

All my senses are keen and alert.

Yet the stars in the sky remind me of you,

And the ache in my heart really hurts.

All around me are many dangers,

And shadows play havoc in my mind.

My rifle is ready with a full magazine,

And my concentration is fine.

The hills far away are grey shadows,

Early dawn shows snow on their peaks.

The sky in the east is a riot of colour,

Very similar to that in your cheeks.

My relief is moving beside me,

Now he is briefed and fully awake.

I can shut my eyes and dream again,

Of that weekend you promised, in the lakes.

Albert Armstrong,

Percy Street,