Poem: Gone to place I can’t follow

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Her memory disappeared, I know not where,

But I know it’s full of love and care.

For years she taught, and taught us well;

Now it’s lost and we know not where.

The memories we had, the ones she forgets,

Are a vault full of happiness and pleasure.

Brimful of our youth, love and romance,

Our families “a most wonderful treasure”.

There are times when she seems so far away,

Though we’re sitting very close to each other.

It’s then that I feel like I’m on my own,

In a shadow of lost times, spent together.

The times I take her hand in my hand,

And hope and pray she’ll recognise it.

And when she can’t remember me,

I just turn away and bite my lip.

Every now and then she goes away

To a place where I cannot follow.

I can only sit, wipe tears from my eyes,

And hope she’ll return tomorrow.

Albert Armstrong,

Percy Street,