Poem: Looking back over the years

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I know you remember that warm summer’s day,

When you walked down the aisle in a satin array.

A radiant smile hiding behind a white veil,

Behind, two princesses hanging onto your trail.

Church bells ringing a good luck charm,

You came down the aisle on your dad’s arm.

The whole congregation stood as if on cue,

Looking over their shoulders to get a good view.

Your bouquet, a treasure of nature supreme,

A gift from the gods to an earthly queen.

A harbinger of things in the future stored,

Yet to be written in some loving record.

That melodious voice that said: ”Yes, I do,”

And those golden eyes that said: “I love you.”

Still whispers ever so softly in my ear,

When looking back over the years, with a tear.

Albert Armstrong,

Percy Street,