POEM: Out-foxed by his opponent

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He was crafty, resilient and resourceful,

And worked hard for his family of seven.

Scavenging from morning till evening,

Then off to the farmyard at 11.

His favourite lookout to view the farm,

Was a hollow underneath an old log.

Here he would lie, keeping a sharp eye

On the farmer, his chickens and dog.

The dog was a young border collie,

Who answered to the name of Chad.

He kept his eye on the sheep and hens,

And thought himself a bit of a lad.

Now Remay liked the odd chicken,

And had enjoyed in the past one or two.

But Chad had learned a few of his tricks,

And opportunities now were quite few.

But Remay had done his homework,

From the butcher’s acquired an old bone;

Placing it well upwind of the hens,

So Chad caught a whiff on the ozone.

Remay’s family ate well that night,

And gave all the bones a good picking.

Chad enjoyed the heaven-sent bone,

And the farmer never counted his chickens.

Albert Armstrong,

Percy Street,