Poem: Tall ships an elegant sight

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They sailed from England’s friendly shores,

Across wild oceans and stormy seas.

Their ships well made with English oak,

From acorns sown on England’s leas.

Their masts were tall with many spars,

Hung with sails to catch the breeze.

The breeze was caught and filled the sails

That drove these ships through foaming seas.

Those sails were made by men with skills,

Who cut and shaped, sewed and wrapped.

Then balanced them on spars and masts,

Ensuring every breath of wind was trapped.

With courses set by the sun and stars,

They sailed the world from east to west.

Carrying great cargoes of merchandise,

Each one trying to out-do the rest.

Top gallants straining, pennants streaming,

Bow waves foaming, paintwork gleaming.

Wherever they sailed by day or night,

Those tall ships are an elegant sight.

Albert Armstrong,

Percy Street,